vendredi, mai 16, 2008

Ese tipejo que a veces se aparece por aqui y que por desgracia nos deja caer lo que algunos se atreven a llamar poemas (!!), parece que también le hace a la foto y expondra en una galeria de la ciudad de Hanoi, Vietnam. Junto a dos fotografos franceses, Franck Hamel y tOine..... Nicolas Folch entonces. Un Chileno en Vietnam. Qué cara dura! Pobres vietnamitas.
Todos invitados a la inauguracion segun dicen...habra buen vino para los invitados. La micro es gratis para los criticos oj oj oj.

Lost In Hanoi_

Nicolas Folch, Franck Hamel, tOine

Thursday May 22nd_ 6.00 pm

Hanoi, the town beyond the river, city of multiple facets where building shade the old pagodas, where young people harboring lastest high-tech gadget sip a glass of tea side by side with centenarian ladies with lacqued teeth. It is there that three young photographers, two French, tOine et Franck Hamel and one Chilean Nicolas Folch decided to live and work.

With black and white and colors pictures, the exhibition "Lost in Hanoi" propose three different looks on Hanoi, spied upon, examined, paced up and down as an inexhaustible source of visual discoveries.

Far from the postcards clichés, the three photographers deliver a vision amazed but lucid on the city, its occupants, its buildings, its streets…

Days and nights strolling, and everyday life experimentation give birth to a personnal and poetic cartography of the town.

Born in 1975 in Valparaiso, Chile, Nicolas Folch has lived in Hanoi for a year. Photographer, Nicolas Folch is also a poet. The words and pictures' richness offers him the capacity to open himself to others and get into different worlds. That's what he intends to do and looks for. As poet, he published books in spanish and french, the last one, entitled "une ligne blanche", came out in 2007 in France. As photographer, he won the first prize at a photograph contest organised by the town council of Lyon in 2005 and a second time in 2006.

Franck Hamel was born in Rennes, France, in 1979. After he had graduated from the University of Arts in Rennes, he moved to Romania. He discovered the press photography during his collaboration with the Romanian press agency Mediafax. Then he was the artistic director of the French-Romanian magazine regard and kept on making some personal photo-reportages. After 2 years in Romania he decided to change country. He is now living in Vietnam.

There's childhood magic in tOine's eyes. Spectators of naiad, friends of on tour stars or restless voyagers of exoticism, nothing escape to them. High heel under a curtain, glittering sunset, dreamlike scenes of the daily life and touching faces of peoples, tOine brings us on the verge of our secret dreams ... in the secrecy of the Grand Art, where we wish we could have the transperency of his lens and the audacity of both his views and meetings..

Maison des arts

31A Van Mieu – Hanoi

(84-4) 7478096

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Josepepe a dit…

Buenas fotos, Dr.

Hay un grupo de fotografía chilena en Facebook. Por si te interesa dejar el mensaje allí:

Mr.Fozzil a dit…

Bien Nico! Acá en Chile estarías en la Plaza de Armas con una llama y sacándole fotos a los niños Juerza my friend y nos veremos luego.

drfloyd a dit…

gracias. En la plaza de armas las llamas se han extinguido...riesgo de terrorismo y xenofobia.

... Costilla. a dit…

... que no se lo cuenten!!

Toda la actividad cultural en Asadodecostilla.

Anonyme a dit…

Aprende a diseñar
no hagas que yo lea a lo largo de toda la pantalla de izquierda a derecha. Las reglas básicas de la composición web, es poner el texto en una columna corta en el centro.
No te creas tanto el cuento, sin no antes estudiar lo que está mas allá de tu ego.

drfloyd a dit…

anonimatus S.A. gracias por tu comentario; falta humor en este tipo de paginas.
La proxima vez, aprovecha de mostrarnos tus "diseños" otoño invierno para la web.